1805 Minnesota St. The Dalles, Oregon

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St. Paul's Episcopal Church

St. paul's episcopal church

St. paul's episcopal church

St. paul's episcopal churchSt. paul's episcopal church

Welcome to St. Paul's Episcopal Church

There's much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about us. 

"As followers of Jesus, we hope to act in love so all are seen, 

all are heard, and lives are changed."

What does it mean to explore faith


Asking questions about your faith journey is expected and welcomed. We do not give simple answers to complex questions. Instead, we offer tools that help people develop a sustaining faith in Jesus Christ. Loving Jesus and others is the foundation of our faith.



Studying God's word is a relational exercise. We learn by reading the Bible and by listening to the shared wisdom of each other and contemporary theologians. Together, we strive to make sense of God in our lives.

Having fun


Food and fun go together ... this is what we do best!

We care about others


The Outreach Committee prepares food 

baskets for people in The Dalles.

why i am an episcopalian

Mike Fowler

In the late 50's while in high school I met a young lady that I wanted to marry, she said only if we agreed to a church. She selected the Catholic Church on Easter Sunday high mass in Latin & front row pew. ( I had been attending Calvary Baptist & the UB Church). This didn't work, but we had a lot of friends at St Paul's, and that worked for me. We were married there 4/18/59, after basic training.
I like St. Paul's outlook of being inclusive and really caring.

Amy McIlvenna

"I became an Episcopalian because I loved the way the service moved and the language of Rite 1.  I felt that each Sunday the service drew me in and kept me engaged.  I also loved that people were encouraged to participate in discussions and were safe to share their belief and perception of God.  I felt at home."  

Janeal Booren

I grew up an Episcopalian and after high school I didn't attend church for many years. As a mother of two, I came back to the church and have found that my relationship with God has carried me through everything that life has had to offer. I can't picture a life without him.

Jerry Frazier

"Being an Episcopalian allows one to walk a faith path unobstructed by controlling dogmas. All are welcome to join us on The Path."

P.K. Swartz

"The people of St. Paul's make me think about myself and about others."  

Gretchen Kimsey

"I am an Episcopalian because I am a cradle Episcopalian.....that is, born into an Episcopal family and I have stayed put!” 

St. Paul's Episcopal Church

We meet here for church

1805 Minnesota Street, The Dalles, Oregon 97058, United States

(541) 296-9587 info@stpaulsthedalles.org

Sunday Morning Worship

8 a.m.     Worship with no music

10 a.m.   Worship with music